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Architectural Information
The intent of the legal documents for the community is, in part, to “ensure the best and the most appropriate development and improvement of each lot,” and to preserve the natural beauty of the neighborhood for your quality of life and the value of your property.

Below please find additional information on the items that apply most often to your community.  Please note the excerpts below from your legal documents.

Section 3.3 Authority. "No landscaping shall be undertaken and no building, fence, wall, swimming pool or other structure shall be commenced, erected, placed, maintained or altered on any lot, nor shall any exterior painting of, exterior addition to, or alteration of, such items be made until all plans and specifications and a plot plan have been submitted to and approved in writing by a majority of the members of the Architectural Committee."

Owners who would like to submit a request for an exterior change have the option to submit this information online or by downloading and emailing the required information to PPM.  Please note that the Architectural Committee will not begin review of the exterior change request until the application, including all supporting documentation, is submitted to PPM.  

Please keep in mind that performing exterior changes without prior approval is a violation of the covenants.   When the Architectural Committee receives an application for retroactive approval, it can put the committee volunteers and homeowners in a precarious situation as sometimes modifications are required to bring the property into compliance with HOA standards. 

Article XIII Appearance.  "Each owner shall keep his building site free of tall grass, undergrowth, dead trees, trash and rubbish and properly maintained so as to present a pleasing appearance."

Regarding landscaping appearance, please focus on timely removal of dead plant material and weed control in your lawn and natural areas. Large tree removal (over 9" diameter) requires approval to ensure that proper safety measures are taken. Hedge and tree trimming are encouraged because the neighborhood is at the age where landscape material is mature and requires pruning or even replacement.  Please ensure that you are applying proper weed control measures to your lawn and natural areas.  Natural areas are intended to enhance the property and should be replenished with groundcover (mulch or pine straw) at least once a year.  As a reminder, for those owners with grass between the sidewalk and curb (i.e. devil strip), that area is part of your personal property and must be maintained just like the rest of your lawn.

For information on lawn and garden maintenance standards, please reference the guidelines found here

For information on Wessex mailbox standards please reference the information found here.